About Us - Fox Dowload


Fox Dowload is a protective web browser totally secure and updated, it makes the user working environment secure by enabling the pop-up blocker if you do not wish to see them enable it and work without pop-up breakers. It also have Anti-phishing Filter which will let you know that this is an trusted site or not or this site will get your details by phishing as phishing is an most effective way of hack , people will make you fool and you will not even know about it until your credentials have been hacked, so this filter will help you to be aware of those phishing pages. Firefox also provides an feature to block websites from tracing you or keeping a track of you in the private mode and you can also get to know which website is tracing you or keeping a track of you but this is not the feature but it can be possible by adding an customized add-on in the catalog and enable it, which will let you know about each website having a track of you or still tracking you.

Descriptive Benchmarks:

Firefox has been created more benchmarks and still maintaining the efficiency by providing best features which include highly updated things time to time. As of now Mozilla for the first time user is providing proper guidance by showing homepage with key features describes , list of shortcuts which will provide access to downloads , history, settings and add-ons. Pdf reader is built in , navigation also works fine with proper geo-tagging, payment gateway of development portals and for on going testers Fox Dowload works perfect with highly appreciated by daily users. Fox Dowload is available online with all its key features and a trusted web browser which will let guide you on each reliable and non-reliable site without any add-ons. It is considered to be the best web browser as it is not here to be compared because Mozilla believes in providing complete features, reliability , flexibility, and able everything you need in an effective way and works smoothly with safety features.