Asus vs Dell Laptops: Which Brand is Better in 2022?

Asus vs Dell laptops: Which brand is better in 2022? Each brand offers specific characteristics. Comparing them will assist you in choosing the more suitable one.

The brand affects a lot in determining which laptop to buy. Asus vs Dell laptops: Which brand is better in 2022?

Asus is famous for its performance and eye-catching designs. The high-quality components of Asus also influence customers’ choices. 

However, Dell has built its reputation in terms of power functions. The continuous updates on the program also help Dell win more points.

To decide which brand surpasses, a side-by-side comparison is necessary.  This article has listed some outstanding features of both brands. 

Let’s read on to discover!

Asus vs. Dell Laptops: Comparison

Dell and Asus are two companies that were established in the 1980s. The competition appears to be fair then. They create their own elements, unlike other producers such as Apple. You can feel confident that the items you buy from them are of excellent quality.

Asus has evolved into a multibillion-dollar corporation that produces laptops, phone components, and electronics.

Their success has gained them the distinction of being one of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). As a result, you can find Asus components even in other brand's products.

On the other hand, Dell always stays among the most well-known names in the laptop industry. The brand has offered tons of technology solutions to enhance the work in businesses and schools.

Dell is also famous for powerful devices that suit a wide range of customers, including professional and personal purposes.

Since both brands are popular, choosing one out of them may be tough. This comparison can help you make a choice easier. 


Asus is the OEM. When you purchase from OEMs, the product will be of outstanding quality. When it comes to laptops, Asus is also well-known for its versatility.

Even the low-cost gadgets still feature quad-core CPUs. It is advantageous for students suffering from the epidemic and must enroll in online programs.

The ROG and ZenBook are their top-of-the-line models, with amazing features. The Max-Q GPU is available in these lines as well. Reviewers have also shown their preference for touchscreen and the 4K resolution display.

Dell machines, on the other hand, are quite durable. The components are also superb. Dell comes with a high price for its top-of-the-line gear including AMD and the Intel CPUs.

The company plans to develop high-end laptops with cutting-edge technology. The Precision and XPS 15 series are two distinct products from the manufacturer.

They include Hexa-core CPUs, GTX graphics, and an anti-glare infinite edge screen, among other features. Furthermore, the XPS series has up to 10 hours of battery life.

Since the components employed are so comparable, it's a tight decision between Dell and Asus laptops. However, the OEM is still a little advantage. You already realize that they build their devices with high-quality hardware.

Asus laptops are reliable with OEM label

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Asus gadgets have a great look. They utilize a metal polish and hues including silver, slate gray, pink, and blue. They're sleek, elegant, and awe-inspiring to have. Their designs can be on the same level as the MacBook from Apple.

ZenBook and the ROG variant are two of the greatest illustrations of this battle.

Previously, their products were not as durable in terms of design. However, in response to consumer criticisms and comments, the company has responded to them and made great improvements.

Dell designs are sleek and long-lasting. Even after ten years of usage, Dell still runs well.

However, they make a sacrifice in terms of aesthetics by offering fewer color variations. They're only infrequently available in hues like red, black, or silver. As a result, Dell appears to be less attractive to young users.

Moreover, Dell's design appears to be quite plain. There's nothing as stylish compared to other brands. The Precision and XPS laptops, on the other hand, had a design that you appreciate more. They are pretty beautiful despite the limited choice of color.

Dell may be deficient in color diversity, enabling Asus to take the lead in this category.


The adaptability of Dell and Asus is famous. People may find those items in a variety of pricing ranges. Laptops from Asus, for example, start around $200 for students. They do, however, may make certain limitations in terms of system functionality.

Dell makes some good models at a reasonable price. For the XPS variants, prices range between $300 and $2000. If you're looking for a high-quality gadget, the XPS is unquestionably the best option.

You may choose their Precision series or Alienware gadgets for gaming purposes. They're quite prevalent among skilled gamers. However, there have been concerns regarding Alienware's battery performance, which usually lasts 4 to 5 hours.

Regarding price, it's a tie since both Dell and Asus provide a wide variety of choices. Whether you need a laptop for work or a gaming tool, you'll be able to discover something that best fits your needs.


Asus focuses on regular innovation. The market has experienced a tremendous increase in the supply of laptops.

Aside from the attractive appearance, the majority of the Asus laptops have remarkable specs.

With two displays, the ZenBook laptop turns out to be unique. Furthermore, the ROG gaming laptop is becoming popular. It's relatively light compared to Dell gaming machines, which are fairly heavy to bring along.

Dell has also released their own improvements in the Alienware gaming series. They emphasize building equipment that is sturdy and fast. However, these characteristics make the laptop heavy.

Dell has released a line of screens that deliver excellent image graphics. Moreover, the typing speed and responses are excellent. The XPS is nearly as impressive as Apple's products. Users also find its features and design appealing.

Dell with impressive innovation

Software updates and customization

The newest Windows 10 is pre-installed on both Asus and Dell laptops.

We noticed that Dell allows users to customize their software significantly. It's simple to do through their shop. 

The brand also offers a variety of items like antivirus, premium assistance, video, and image editing software.

They charge for the program. Give Dell a click if you need a specific piece of software to make your job easier.

In addition, both firms provide continuous driver improvements. However, we discovered that Dell is somewhat quicker than Asus.

Dell continuously updates its software

Customer service

Asus doesn't offer good experience in customer service. That's a pity for an otherwise great manufacturer. Other companies might learn a thing or two from Dell about how to work with and serve consumers.

To begin with, the Asus website is tricky to handle and comprehend. You need to spend a significant amount of time filing your complaint online. Furthermore, their telephone assistance is worthless. Only a few users can deal with it.

On the other hand, Dell provides outstanding customer service. They will instantly calm, according to the maker. They don't waste any time in offering clients a refund or a new gadget.

Most Dell devices have a one-year warranty. Hence, please double-check that it is available in your purchase.

We have just compared Asus and Dell in some important aspects. Now, it’s time to sum up. The comparison table below can provide a visual explanation to you.

Asus vs. Dell Comparison Table
Features Asus Dell
Components OEM guaranteed components Durable
Design Sleek designs that can be at the same level as Apple; more color selection Simple, plain with fewer color selection
Price Both offer a wide range of prices Both offer a wide range of prices
Software updates and customization Latest Windows version Latest Windows version with faster updates and more software
Innovation Focus on both designs and specifications Focus on screen and response speed, while still maintaining the robust characteristics
Customer service Slow process; ineffective phone assistance Fast responses; warranty available

Which Laptop Should You Choose?

Both brands have their own advantages. A decision on which brand is better becomes tougher since they both are of high quality. The only factor to pick a certain brand is your requirement.

Why choose Asus?

Asus has outperformed Dell in terms of performance. Asus dominates the huge segment of the market with its components. ZenBook and ROG are becoming more and more popular these days. 

These laptops are also lightweight. If you often travel or go on a business trip, Asus can be your companion.

Moreover, some people choose laptops if they feel like having stunning gadgets in their hands. If you are that kind of person, choose Asus over Dell. 

Why choose Dell?

Dell leads the laptop industry in terms of build quality. There is no doubt that Dell products are powerful, robust, and long-lasting within the test of time. Buying a pricey Dell laptop is a long-term investment that you won’t regret.

Because Dell focuses on the function, you can feel secure using it. They also try to update the newest and finest software to run their device.

Dell is a favorite of gamers. The laptops can serve both casual and professional players. 


Asus vs Dell laptops: Which brand is better in 2022? The answer varies among individuals. If you prefer something beautiful yet excellent in performance, go for the Asus. On the other hand, Dell is a perfect choice if you need a durable and powerful gadget.

Hopefully, you can make up your mind and end up with the right laptop. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading!

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