ASUS Vs MSI: Which Is The Better Brand In 2022?

If you hesitate between these two laptop brands, this article is the place to go since we provide a detailed comparison of ASUS vs. MSI laptops.

ASUS Vs MSI: Which Is The Better Brand In 2022?

Choosing the proper brand among these two might be challenging, whether you're searching for a laptop for professional, personal usage, or gaming. In this post, we'll compare ASUS vs MSI to help you decide which one is best for you.

ASUS laptops are stylish, well-known for their good performance and low price tags. Whereas, MSI has integrated the most cutting-edge technology in their laptops, making their products user-friendly.

Let’s dive right into this article to know more!

ASUS Vs MSI Comparison

ASUS vs MSI: Which One Is Better?

Micro-Star International, or MSI for short, was founded in 1988, a year before Asus. However, both businesses are located in Taiwan, and it is honest to say that Asus has overtaken MSI for laptops.

Both businesses specialize in the production of desktops, laptops, graphics cards, and other electronic parts. MSI is, however, considerably more well-known in the gaming community than in the broader computer community.

You can rely on the VIDEO below to better understand the comparison between MSI vs ASUS.

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Asus has put a lot of effort into boosting their laptops' effectiveness and overall performance, especially gaming series. In addition, they've introduced some new exciting features that players will like.

Gamers Adore The Full HD Display Of ASUS

The business has addressed concerns such as overheating by including a dual-fan system in current gaming laptops. This technique cools the main laptop parts while also removing heat from the system's back.

It guarantees that you may play your games on your gaming laptop for hours without becoming too hot. Another feature worth highlighting is the large selection of robust motherboards included with their latest gaming PCs.

The business has only been recognized for producing excellent motherboards, and with each new release, they continue to improve.

Furthermore, most of their gaming laptops include improved GPUs, including the influential and successful Nvidia GTX.

In terms of audio, their laptop computers now include the fantastic SonicMaster speaker system, which offers an immersive degree of noise cancellation with the AudioWizard function, which lets you choose from five audio presets.

Gamers will adore their Full HD IPS display that comes standard with their laptops. A 178-degree viewing angle guarantees that you can see accurate, crisp, and clear pictures no matter where you sit.

MSI’s Components And Technologies

MSI is continuously striving to deliver the most immersive gaming experience possible on a laptop. As a result, their versions are equipped with specialized cooling boost technology.

This cooling technology means that you can play for long periods without becoming too hot. Their most recent models have Intel 8th gen core CPUs and GeForce graphics cards, and solid-state storage.

Another intriguing feature is the Cherry MX rapid switch, which allows players to click rapidly while utilizing keys to play.

Their computers also come with a completely configurable Steel Series 3 RGB customizable keyboard. You'll have complete control over the keypad's functions, and the lighting is a rainbow of colors that makes it stand out.

It's all about the visual in gaming, and MSI understands this. As a result, their laptops include high-refresh-rate screens and NTSC displays that provide a broad range of colors.

For efficiency and picture quality, their devices use complete HD True Color innovation. In terms of sound quality, they use the cutting-edge Nahimic sound technology to provide every gamer with the ultimate gaming audio experience.



For design, you can always count on Asus, and they offer a broad selection of lovely gaming laptops to choose from. The ROG series is a beautiful illustration of the company's outstanding degree of design perfection.

The majority of their game laptops have sleek chassis that are both attractive and durable and ergonomic keyboards intended for gaming. In addition, the WASD keys are highlighted, giving you complete control over your game environment.

Another noteworthy feature of their gaming laptops is the eye-catching black-red keyboard, making it simpler to operate in the dark and allowing you to play for as long as you like.

MSI devices are well-made and long-lasting. The main disadvantage is that, in comparison to Asus products, their gaming laptops appear uninteresting and straightforward.

The firm has also reduced the weight, and the newest ones are lighter. In addition, they feature excellent keyboards that are very responsive and pretty unpleasant to use if you're a lover of gaming or sports.

Product Variety

Asus provides a large selection of gaming laptops with a wide range of features. In addition, the firm releases machine updates regularly to ensure that you don't miss out on anything new.

MSI has several excellent laptops loaded with high-end technology and capable of handling any software you throw at them. The Stealth GS73 and the Titan GT83 are two perfect examples.

All models are dependable, so whether you're a pro player or like playing for fun, you'll discover an MSI laptop that is right for you.


The MSI Titan GT83 Costs Roughly

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The cost is determined by the version you choose and your budget. These brands have PCs for every budget, from entry-level to high-end.

MSI's high-end gaming laptops, equipped with the newest hardware, are also expected to be pricey. MSI devices start at $800, with the larger ones costing approximately $5500.

For instance, the potent Titan GT83 would set you back approximately $4,000–$5,500, whereas the Stealth GS73 will set you back around $2,600.


Another essential element to consider is user assistance, and Asus' performance in this area is not very encouraging. Many consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with their service.

Before you can obtain any online help, you must first complete the formalities, which we believe are needless, and the homepage is not user-friendly, to make matters worse.

MSI models have accidental breakage protection after you register them. This covering is not seen on most brands. Because many consumers have claimed that their webpage is challenging to use, the only assistance is not very encouraging.

Additionally, customer service is lacking; consumers have claimed that their personnel could not resolve difficulties due to a lack of knowledge.


Asus is one of the most innovative companies, with outstanding new concepts that have been applied in their products over time. In addition, it is proud of its ability to satisfy everyone's computing and budgetary demands.

The firm has a world-grade design staff that is devoted to finding innovative methods to improve productivity. MSI has several remarkable models for originality, demonstrating that the firm has a lot of new concepts.

The Cherry MX button and customizable Steelseries keyboards are excellent upgrades that appeal to gamers of all types.

Unique Features

Their computers are not only appealing to the eye, and they're also long-lasting. With the debut of the ROG Zephyrus, the high-end ultralight gaming computer, Asus has demonstrated its distinctiveness.

Also, if you don't want to spend a fortune, Asus offers a broad selection of low-cost laptops with outstanding performance and quality.

When it comes to MSI, the answer is simple: gaming. Other laptop manufacturers can't compete with their position in the gaming sector. They also support several eGaming contests, which have helped them become well-known.

Many Gamers Appreciate MSI Laptop’s Keyboard

The firm has won several accolades for its products throughout the years, such as the recently released gaming laptops. In addition, they've won awards for the VivoBook and Zenbook series, as well as the Asus Mini series.

On tech sites, Asus products are frequently listed in the top ten rankings for gaming laptops since most of their consumers have complimented them on the high quality of their products.

The one criticism that some consumers have of MSI is that most of their products are too hefty for a laptop. However, the firm has won several significant accolades for its achievements.

Which One Is The Better Brand: ASUS Or MSI?

Both manufacturers provide great gaming laptops that are capable of handling a wide range of modern computer games.

On the other hand, MSI continues to lead due to the excellent quality of hardware included in many of their gaming devices, which includes excellent cooling systems and a powerful CPU.

The business also ensures that laptops have the most up-to-date technology, making them costlier than their Asus counterparts.

MSI laptops come with complimentary accidental breakage protection, so you're covered if you break your laptop by accident. Unfortunately, Asus offers a two-year guarantee on their gaming laptops, but MSI only offers a 12-month guarantee.

Why Choosing ASUS

ASUS ROG Zephyrus

If you're searching for a stylish gaming laptop, Asus is the company to go with. However, we propose the compact and gorgeous ROG Zephyrus for something unique.

In addition, Asus is the best option for laptop gaming that is reliable and comes with a solid guarantee. Their laptop gaming is well known for good performance and low price.

Why Choosing MSI

If you want laptop gaming with the most cutting-edge technology, MSI is the way to go. The visuals and screen are stunning, and the keyboard is unrivaled.

In addition, their computers are highly configurable and include backlit keyboards to improve your gameplay experience. The very last reason to select MSI against Asus is that their devices are simple to use.


We cannot deny that these two brands: ASUS and MSI, have their strengths. Choosing the right brand among these two might be difficult, whether you're looking for a laptop for work or gaming.

However, the comparison of ASUS vs. MSI may assist you in determining which is the best option for you.

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