The 5 Best Bluetooth Smart Lock in March 2023

Effie Crona
  Mar 22, 2023 7:07 AM

The bluetooth smart lock is one necessary tool in our modern life in current society nowadays. Our article today is going to discuss the best bluetooth smart locks which you can look for on the market as well as the thing that you should keep in mind when searching. Welcome to the best bluetooth smart lock reviews right now. 

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Best Bluetooth Smart Lock Reviews

1. Smart WiFi BT Lock 

Smart WiFi BT Lock 

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This product has the door lock system and should provide a variety of unlock types: MI card , password, APP, and mechanical key. This MI card is unlocked to prevent the peeping of the virtual password, and 6 correct passwords which can be entered in succession. When using the APP to unlock, the APP as well as the mechanical key must be unlocked at the same time to ensure security.

On the other hand, the power supply of the door lock system is composed of 4 AAA batteries, then the use time is longer. When the voltage is low, the alarm will be issued to immediately replace the battery. Moreover, the professional door lock system provides a safe and automatically controlled access method, which is very suitable for business, office, hotel as well as apartment security systems.

The door lock supports connection to mobile phones through Bluetooth 4.0. For Android 4.3 as well as IOS 7.0 smartphones, it can be quickly connected to the phone in seconds. This lock uses the gateway, remote management, query of the door opening information record, as well as unlocking the authorization password (the gateway needs to be purchased separately).

Pure copper high precision lock core, sturdy structure, anti-theft, safe and durable which are suitable for most wooden or iron doors, and declines damage to the door installation. For you and your family, it is easy to install as well as safe to use, and is suitable for most doors with a thickness of 40-110mm.

This remote intelligent door lock is a security system designed for hotel apartments as well as offices, to ensure your safety with excellent quality. 

Additionally, along with all the benefits this product offers above, we clearly claim that this product is one of the top of the list of the best bluetooth smart locks. 

2. Lockley Fingerprint Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door Smart Lock 

Lockley Fingerprint Bluetooth Keyless Entry Door Smart Lock 

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It is convenient to lock as well as unlock your door with one finger tap on your smartphones through Bluetooth, only by entering a 6-8 digit access code on the touchscreen keypad or your fingerprint! The Lockey door lock also comes with 2 backup physical keys in case you ever need. It is secured keyless access convenience for your offices, home or rental properties.

In fact, the world's first Patented peek-proof smart door lock. This unique algorithm reshuffles numbers after each use as well as prevents others from copying your smart code, keeping your home safe. Touchscreen keypad will be disabled after 3 wrong attempts and it can only be activated by entering the right code twice. Auto-lock, as well as one-touch locking systems provide enhanced security when you are at home or out.

Moreover, each family member could get their own smart code for keyless entry. Lockley is designed to create home security a top priority as well as to give you peace of mind. Track as soon as your kids or family members are home through Bluetooth. Grant access to guests as well as others by sharing e-Keys with unique schedules using the FREE Lockley Smart Lock app. Wi-Fi Hub sold separately for remote access.

This lock works on both iOS and Android devices. This security lock will track unlock history by each user 24/7 then stored in the app for your review. Push notifications will be noticed once your friends/guests check-in. Now, you’ll know exactly who as well as when people are entering your business or properties. While using these virtual keys, there is no need for you to ask back the physical keys from guests or renters.

On the other hand, you can open your front door with a 9V battery on the instant battery charging terminal if you forget to replace the dead batteries.The latch has adjustable backsets 2 3⁄8” or 2 3⁄4” to fit most standard doors so that you should check your door measurements prior to purchase this smart lock. You can find the installation manual, user manual as well as specification sheet under Technical Specification section for additional information.

Finally, with the special functions above, this kind of bluetooth lock deserves one of the best bluetooth smart locks for 2022.

3. TURBOLOCK Smart Door Lockset 

URBOLOCK Smart Door Lockset 

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This Turbolock combines the TL117 Smartbolt with the TL121 doorknob and thumb-latch entrance handle. It works on left- or right-hinged doors. And the voice prompts guide you via setup and basic functionality.

It is modern meets classic in this keyless entry door lock with thumb-latch front door handle combo. This lock is made from rust-resistant zinc oxide, this lock complements most exterior designs.

You have to download the Turblock Plus app to manage entry access. Then you have to create and schedule keypad passcodes. Then share and manage eKeys as well as keep tabs on which eKeys were used to engage the smart deadbolt.

It is easy to install and do complicated wiring or expensive locksmith required. It can retrofit to your current door in minutes and ready for thicker doors, from 1 ⅜” to 2” thick, as well as French doors, ornate doors, custom and double doors.

Moreover, every Turbolock electronic lock is protected by a one-year limited warranty, backed by a U.S. company. If you have any questions, the expert customer service team is available via live-chat, email and phone support.

In conclusion, it can be claimed as one of the best bluetooth smart locks because of its useful functions we have mentioned above.

4. Aibocn Smart Lock 

Aibocn Smart Lock 

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This product has 3 ways to unlock and enter: Smartphone ( Bluetooth & WiFi), Passcode or Mechanical Key. It is a front door smart lock with 150 user passcodes, unlimited bluetooth ekeys as well as temporary passwords, specially installed on the front door, exterior door, outdoor door, gate, outer door, in line with the American exterior door standard, you can rest assured to buy and install.

As long as a smartphone, you could control this latest smart deadbolt lock. This lock can be unlocked and locked with “ One Touch Screen”; Customize exclusive passcodes for family members; Customize visitor passcodes for friends, share Bluetooth ekeys as well as temporary passcodes with family and friends; Manage all passwords and keys and view all records online... All functions can be completed with only a smartphone, therefore, you can enjoy the convenience of smart door locks.

When you go in as well as out of the front door, you don't need to worry about whether to remember to lock the front door, the smart lock will automatically lock after a fixed time (5-900 seconds, customizable).

The front as well as rear panels of the smart lock are made of zinc alloy materials that are waterproof, dust-proof, sun-proof, shock-proof, anti-corrosion, high temperature and low temperature resistance. It is suitable for various environments. (Waterproof Rating: IP65, Working Temperature: -4°F~158°F, Working Humidity: 20%~80%RH).

This lock is super easy to install, just watch the short installation video and read the user manual, When installing the smart lock, first use an electric drill to DRILL A SMALL TOP HOLE IN THE DOOR, and next use a Phillips screwdriver. The installation can be completed in about 30 minutes and there is no need for a professional locksmith, no need to connect any wires, very easy to operate.

To conclude, it is ideal to be one in the list of the best bluetooth smart locks due to the convenient functions we have mentioned above.

5. Hornbill Bluetooth Digital Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Work with APP Control  

Hornbill Bluetooth Digital Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Work with APP Control  

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It is smarter and safer when having a smart Lock Front Door which set out to provide extra home security with keyless codes, Bluetooth unlock, anti-peep password and auto lock (5-120s) to keep your house safe and sound.

Through Keyless Door Locks for Homes APP, you could check the unlocking records as well as wrong password records from the Admin account in real time. So that you’ll have comfort in knowing your door’s status.

It is fast sharing and convenient with Smart Digital Door Locks for Homes, so that you can share code with friends and guests valid for a few weeks,hours, or minutes, and revoke them again whenever you need to. You should never worry about lost, stolen or copied keys again.

This lock is also easy to install and smart reminder - Just a screwdriver and an easy-to-follow instruction to easily install Door Locks with Keypads. And when in low battery, Keypad Door Lock Deadbolt Set will alarm and it could be temporarily charged by a 9V battery.

In the end, you should not worry about the high-quality of your selection in the list of the best bluetooth smart locks like this product. It is an ideal lock which you should take into consideration.

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Buying Guides

Smart Locks helps provide you with another layer of control as well as visibility to your home.

Once connected through some type of communication technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave) a smart lock can connect either to your smartphone, smart home hub, or your Internet router to allow you to access your door in new ways.

But there's no one that suits everyone's needs as there's no such thing as a perfect house. Alternatively, you should choose locks based on your needs from the list of the best bluetooth smart locks below.

In the next section, we’ll guide  you to make sense of the bluetooth smart lock models in stock in current society nowadays. So let us help you get the one that's fit for your trip.

Here are some features of smart locks that make them a worthwhile purchase for your home with added convenience and peace of mind.

1. Door Access Codes

Does the door access codes need to provide delivery drivers one time access? Does it give your kids specific codes, or for your visitor or Airbnb guest? The smart locks provide more than one way to lock as well as unlock the door and provide access for others.

  • Via an app: All smart locks typically have this option where you download an app as well as then when you come into proximity of the lock can open and if authorized can control the door.

  • Built-in keypads: Some smart locks come with physical buttons or touchscreen keypads, therefore, you can enter a code directly into the lock to open it from the exterior.

  • Add-on keypad: It is attached somewhere near your door these accessories talk to your lock directly so when an authorized code is added will open the lock.

Finally, when selecting your product, you should make sure what door access codes you want from your bluetooth smart lock, and the Smart WiFi BT Lock  is one that tops the list of the best bluetooth smart locks has great door access codes.

2. Remote Locking

Check on the door's status and also unlock as well as lock your door from the comfort of your bedroom, or even when you are away from the house on vacation.

What kind of connectivity your lock has will determine which range your lock can be controlled from.

  • Bluetooth only: It helps control and access basically within earshot of the door.

  • Bluetooth + Wi-Fi hub: Many locks have an add-on Wi-fi device which connects to your router. It will let you access for your lock from anywhere you have Wi-Fi as well as throughout a larger home.

  • Wifi only: This helps you control from a large home as well as remotely from work or anywhere you have a Wi-fi connection.

  • Zigbee/Z-Wave: These rely on a smart home hub which is connected to your home router. This hub is not contained with the lock and will be an additional cost. Once connected to your router you can control from anywhere with Wi-Fi access.

3. Video Camera/Doorbell Integration

In fact, using HD security video cameras along with your new smart lock you can now get a complete awareness as well as control on what is happening. First, it helps detect and record activity at your door, then talk to your visitor using two-way audio. Next, it can open the door remotely based on your interaction.

And there are several ways smart locks get this capability.

  • Built-in video camera in locks: At present, only a few locks have a built-in video camera.

  • Separate camera: Most locks on the market integrate with their own stand-alone video cameras which use their app to manage both camera and lock.

  • Separate camera from another company: If the company does not create their own video security camera systems they will often integrate with 3rd party providers like Ring or Arlo as well as show you the video stream via connecting the two services inside the app.

4. Smart hub integration and voice control

It tells Siri, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant to lock or maybe check the status of your door from your phone, smartwatch or smart speaker.

If this is an essential feature for you there are a few things for you to look out for. A lot of smart hub companies will market their product as "Alexa enabled". However oftentimes will require an additional Wi-Fi hub to be purchased for this functionality to work. The TURBOLOCK Smart Door Lockset is one example for this system from the best bluetooth smart locks.

So this feature mostly comes down to the connectivity type of the smart lock you choose as well as if the company has made a voice assistant "skill". In general:

  • Bluetooth only: It can offer voice control but only in close range.

  • Bluetooth with Wi-Fi add-on/Wi-Fi: This will offer you voice control out of the box. It helps make sure to look for if the lock maker has an Alexa Skill or Google Assistant Action developed.

  • Z-Wave and Zigbee: This system will work with voice controls using your smart home hub built in integrations or app. 

5. Auto Lock & Geo-fencing

Smart locks can provide two different features for unlocking as well as locking when you arrive or leave.

  • Hands Free Unlock: The hands free lock juggles more grocery bags. Many locks give you a touch or proximity unlock feature as long as you have the app running on the background of the phone as well as have access.

  • Auto-lock when leaving: This is a peace of mind. Almost all smart locks come with an auto-locking feature which can be time based to lock behind you as you leave. The typical default time for most locks is 30 seconds, you can usually be adjusted in the settings though.


1. Are smart locks Safe 2022? 

The fact that not only can many smart locks be hacked, but they also are proven to have other vulnerabilities like the ability to be removed with a flathead screwdriver. As smart locks often work with an existing deadbolt, this may mean they have the same level of security as traditional locks.

2. Can bluetooth smart locks be hacked?

Yes, of course, like most other digital devices, bluetooth smart locks can be hacked. In fact, most smart locks have more than one vulnerability which puts them at risk for hacking, including plain text passwords, decompiling APK files, device spoofing, and replay attacks.

3. Do Bluetooth smart locks need WiFi?

However, Bluetooth range is limited so you will only be able to control the lock within a short distance, typically within 400 feet. Luckily, a Bluetooth smart lock doesn't require a hub or a Wi-Fi network since bluetooth devices can connect directly to a smartphone or computer, for example the Aibocn Smart Lock  is one of these smart locks you should consider.

4. How do smart locks get power?

The smart locks run on battery power. Those batteries are in charge of a number of things, containing the wireless chips, LED lights, and most importantly, the motor that locks as well as unlocks your door.... You may need to do your own trial as well as error with different batteries to see which one works best for your smart lock

At last, if you want a bluetooth smart lock with the best power, it is necessary to find out clearly what is suitable for your home. And if you have an opportunity, you should check out the Hornbill Bluetooth Digital Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Work with APP Control which tops the list of the best bluetooth smart locks in 2022.

5. Can you kick in a door with a deadbolt ?

Generally, deadbolts are sturdy locks which can withstand kick in and other forced entry attempts. But a door with a deadbolt can still be kicked down if the door itself is not solid. So, to protect your door against kick in, you have to ensure both the lock and door are of high-quality grade.

So that you should make a careful decision when buying a lock with a great security such as the Eufy Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt from the top list of the best bluetooth smart locks.


Searching for a good smart lock is hard, finding a bluetooth smart lock which fits your home-demands is even harder. So as to help you a bit more, here’s a list that we’ve put together of the best bluetooth smart locks in stock at the moment. We hope that you will find it useful for your shopping trip.

To conclude, it is the end of our post on the best bluetooth smart locks reviews today! Remember to keep us updated on the best bluetooth smart locks which you choose to purchase, and we’ll see you in our future updates!