The 5 Best Telescopes Under 200$ in February 2023

Effie Crona
  Feb 1, 2023 6:35 PM

The telescope is becoming one of the most necessary products in our society nowadays. The article of Toro Bravo Inc today is going to concentrate on the best telescopes under 200 that you can go for on the market as well as the knowledge you should be aware of when shopping. Welcome to our post today.

Best Telescopes Under 200$ Reviews

1. Celestron - AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope - Refractor Telescope

Firstly, this Telescope as a powerful refractor telescope because the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ is a powerful, then user-friendly refractor telescope with fully coated glass optics, a sturdy yet lightweight frame, two eyepieces, a red dot finder scope, as well as an adjustable-height tripod.

Secondly, it is equipped with high-quality 70mm optics. This Celestron telescope features a powerful, fully coated 70mm glass optic objective lens with Erect image optics which allow you to observe celestial objects at night as well as terrestrial targets like wildlife and landscapes during the day.

Thirdly, there are Quick setup & lightweight frames in this product. This telescope for adults features a lightweight frame as well as a panning handle with Alt-Az control for smooth and accurate pointing. It is quick and easy to set up, with no tools required.

Fourth, it also includes accessories. They include two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm), an erect image star diagonal, a travel tripod, as well as a red dot finder scope. Moreover, it offers unbeatable warranty and customer support such as Buying with confidence from the world’s No 1 telescope brand, based in California since 1960. You’ll also receive a 2-year warranty as well as unlimited access to technical support from US-based experts.

With the special functions above, this kind of product deserves one of the best telescopes under $200 for 2021.

2. ESSLNB Telescopes for Adults Kids Astronomy Beginners 80mm Astronomical Telescopes

This Telescope has 80mm Astronomy Telescope with 400mm focal length as well as 80 mm large objective lens, multi-fully high transmission coated all-optical lens enhance image brightness, plus clarity.80mm objectives diameter is large enough to offer you wider field of view as well as comfortable observation. It has good moon telescopes for adults, kids as well as astronomy beginners.

When it comes to Optimum Magnification, this adult telescope uses 1.25” high power interchangeable eyepieces with the latest generation of Kellner eyepiece(K9mm,K25mm), 3X Barlow lens grows the magnification three times. Eyepieces as well as barlow lenses are placed separately in a small accessory bag so as to stop abrasion. And Metal moon Filter can protect your eyes from glare.

On the other hand, it has an erect image refractor telescope. These telescopes achieve Erect images because of 128°Erect-image diagonal prism as well as 5X20 Erect-image finder scope. Besides, the 128°diagonal prism has 360°rotation capability. Erect images as well as comprehensive viewing angle offer you more comfort as well as free observation than other inverted diagonal. Telescope phone adapter with 10X eyepiece is easier to install and take videos or photos.

Specially, telescopes with Adjustable Tripod as well as Carrying Bag:An Aluminum tripod is adjustable by 180 °in the vertical direction along with 360 °in the horizontal direction for different viewing positions.The height of beginner telescopes might be adjusted to 120cm and it is easy to carry because Stargazing telescope for adults comes with a bag.

Finally, this ESSLNB telescope can be claimed as one of the best telescopes under 200 because of its useful functions we have mentioned above.

3. Celestron – StarSense Explorer LT 80AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope

In general, with the power of your smartphone, you can let your iPhone or Android phone take you on a guided tour of the night sky; no telescope experience required. You only have to follow the arrows to locate stars, planets and more!

In addition, it has patent-pending starsense sky recognition technology equipped. This one-of-a-kind scope uses your smartphone to analyze star patterns overhead as well as count its position in real time.

An outstanding point is that there is an app that generates a list of tonight’s best objects to view. The app shows users what’s in the sky based on your exact time as well as location. And you can view planets, brighter nebulae, galaxies as well as star clusters from the city PLUS fainter, deep sky objects from darker areas.

It is easy and convenient to set up and use because Manual altazimuth mount with smooth, dual-axis slow-motion controls helps it easily follow the on-screen arrows to your desired target. When the bullseye turns green, it’s ready to view in the telescope’s eyepiece. Then, features in this product fully coated glass optics for bright, sharp views.

In conclusion, remember that this telescope weighs just 4.1 kilograms, it is quite slight for you to decide to choose a suitable telescope in list of the best telescopes under $200.

4. BNISE 70mm Portable Refractor Telescope

This Refractor telescope is perfect for astronomical observation as well as land viewing, with 400mm focal length and 70mm large aperture objective lens creates the images brighter and clearer, with 45 degree diagonal prism it can always achieve the erect images, which provide low-power as well as high-power views of celestial objects at night as well as terrestrial subjects during the day.

Along with high magnification, the telescope is equipped with two high-quality eyepieces:K6mm(66X), K25mm(16X) as well as moon filter. It has the function of focusing light, so when observing the high brightness full moon with the telescope, it is difficult for you to see the surface of the moon, and even cause harm to the eyes. So add a moon filter to decline the brightness.

With 5X24 Finder scope, it makes locating objects faster as well as earlier. An adjustable Aluminum tripod applies for many different viewing positions, 360°horizontal direction rotatable and 180°vertical direction provide adjustable viewing angles like the product above. The height can be adjusted from about 17.7inch to 43inch. This product locks in solidly, stays right in place for steady photos.

Besides, the telescope comes with a binoculars(10x magnification, 22MM objective lens, with wide field of view & fully multi-coated optics ideal for travel, bird watching, hunting, Concert or etc). Moreover, an Adjustable tripod,smartphone adapter,wireless shutter, moon filters, carry bag, the telescope tripod as well as other accessories can fit inside the bag for traveling as well as storage.

It is simple to set up this telescope in several minutes even for beginners as well as children, No extra tools are required and BNISE also provides a global warranty service.

Clearly knowing that this product is one of the top the list of the best telescopes under 200.

5. Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

This beginner Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope is much more powerful than its appearance! Because of its Maksutov-Cassegrain design, high-precision fully multi-coated optical glass lens, both spherical as well as chromatic aberrations are minimized. It not only delivers vivid high-contrast photos for daytime viewing such as birds as well as wildlife, but also enables astronomical exploration consisting of Saturn, Jupiter, craters on the Moon and so on.

You can see how it works inside. The ingenious design of the detachable lid shows the internal construction of the telescope and helps you clearly understand how it works. And make it an appealing educational kit for the young minds or beginners. But you should keep in mind that not to touch the mirrors with your fingers as well as avoid making it dusty.

Beside, this telescope is much more compact than an equivalent refractor or Newtonian. With a long focal length of 750mm, the tube length is only 200mm, it is easy to pack and go on an adventure anytime.

Finally, the included high-quality 20mm wide eyepiece brings 37.5X magnification, it helps provide high-power sharp views on distant objects. You can see multiple targets more than 8 meters away. In fact, accessories also include a phone adapter, a tabletop tripod as well as an erect-image diagonal.

To conclude, you should not worry about the appearance of your choice in the list of the best telescopes under 200 like this product. It is an ideal telescope which you should make into consideration.

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Buying Guide

Discussing about the telescope, it is a common gift, especially so during the holidays. It can be a portal to the universe as well as provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

But there's no one "perfect" telescope — just as there's no such thing as a perfect car. Alternatively, you should choose a telescope based on your observing interests, lifestyle, as well as budget from the list of the best telescopes under 200.

Realising which products top the list of the best telescopes under $200 is not enough to decide your final decision, because no one vision can fit all favorites. 

So here is a guide to help you make sense of the universe of telescope models available in current society nowadays. Armed with these few basic types of telescopes, you'll have a good idea what to go for (as well as what to avoid) when scouring the marketplace for your new scope. Get the one that's suitable for you.

1. Mount

Firstly, the Mount is what the OTA is attached to and has a response for how the users align, move, as well as track celestial objects. A more point explanation on the different mounts is below, but for now you just need to know that there are three principal types: Alt-Azimuth (AZ or Alt-Az), German Equatorial (EQ), as well as Motorized. Motorized mounts can be of either Alt-Az or EQ, they  are usually set aside to differentiate them from manual mounts though.

2. Go-To

When it comes to Go-to, it is a term which gets used a lot and is relatively new to the amateur astronomer. It’s applied to a motorized mount which is partially or wholly computer controlled. The term comes from the controller’s ability to “go to” a specific location automatically on its own, like opposed to the customers manually moving the mount.

3. Aperture

Thirdly, Aperture is the diameter, which is usually measured in millimeters, of the objective (primary) lens or mirror of the telescope. Essentially, the larger the aperture, the brighter images will appear, as well as the deeper into space you will be able to see.

So, when selecting your product, you should make sure how large and deep you want your telescope from the list of the best telescopes under $200.

4. Focal length

In fact, focal length is the measurement, again in millimeters, from the objective to the eyepiece. Besides, this length directly affects the magnification potential of the telescope while it is being paired with an eyepiece. The distance can be a literal linear measurement from the primary lens to the eyepiece, as with a refractor; or a theoretical distance reliable on how the light is bounced from primary to secondary mirrors as well as then into the eyepieces. 

This theoretical distance, used with reflectors as well as catadioptrics, will produce a focal length which is longer than the actual optical tube-making the OTA more portable while significantly boosting the magnification potential beyond a similarly-sized refractor.

5. Focal Ratio

Coming to Focal Ratio, it is a term that will be familiar to photographers, however, it is important to certain astronomers, as well. It is defined as the ratio between the focal length of the scope and the aperture. A 100mm aperture 1500mm focal length telescope mayl have a focal ratio of f/15. 

6.  F-number

Finally, the f-number can let  you have an idea of the overall size as well as portability of the scope if you’ve never seen it before—smaller f/ratios equal shorter focal lengths, besides, therefore shorter OTAs. Let’s say you’re considering buying a 12" f/5 or a 12" f/15 Dobsonian. 

Just by looking at the f/ratios, you can tell that the f/5 one will possess a much shorter tube length and can probably be handled by a person, whereas the f/15 will be massive. An outstanding point is that the f/5 will have an optical tube a little over 5' long, while the f/15 OTA would be more than 15 feet long.


1. Can you look through a telescope with glasses?

Yes, I can, however, the glass or plastic of the corrective wear can diffuse as well as distort the light coming into your eye. If your eyes are bad, you may struggle with the ability to concentrate on the telescope. Moreover, any astigmatism will add to a blurry or distorted view as well.

2. Can you use a telescope in the day?

In fact, it is safe to observe anything during the day, as long as you don't point the telescope near the Sun. You should just stay away from the Sun then you'll be fine. ... You can almost always do this, if the object is not very close to the Sun, in which case you may want to cancel which observation altogether.

3. Can a telescope see the flag on the moon?

Yes, it is said that the flag is still on the moon, but you can't see it using a telescope... The flag is 125 cm (4 feet) long, so that you would need an optical wavelength telescope around 200 meters (~650 feet) in diameter to see it.

4. Is it worth buying a telescope?

Due to the fact that most telescopes that cost less than $100 aren't really worth it. We suggest getting good binoculars later. You should stay away from any telescope advertised for its magnifying power. For a child, you should look for a tabletop telescope which is portable, easy to push around the sky, as well as virtually indestructible.

So that you should make a careful decision when buying a telescope with a good autofocus function from the top list of the best telescopes under 200.

5. Do I need an expensive telescope to enjoy astronomy?

Not yet, many people hesitate to get involved with astronomy as they believe it requires expensive equipment. The only thing you really need to base on in the night sky is your eyes, a dark viewing location, as well as some patience.

At last, if you want an expensive telescope, it is necessary to find out clearly what you want. And if you have an opportunity, you should check out all the products in the top list of best telescopes under 200.


Going for a great telescope is not easy, finding one that is comfortable for you is even more difficult. So as to help you a bit more, here’s a list that we’ve put together of the best telescopes under 200 in stock at the moment. Hopefully you’ll find it useful for your shopping travel.

In conclusion, it is the end of our post on the best telescopes under $200 reviews today! Remember to keep us updated on the best telescopes under 200 that you choose to purchase, and we’ll see you in our future updates!