How To Fix A Pink Screen On Your Laptop? Some Useful Solutions For You

There are many causes of pink laptop screen errors. So how to fix a pink screen on your laptop? Should you fix it yourself or hire a professional? Let’s follow us!

What is a pink screen on your laptop? How to fix a pink screen on your laptop? These are two problems that laptop users often encounter.

In the process of using a laptop, especially after a long time, your laptop screen may have a pink smudge error. These errors may not cause damage to the laptop screen, but they will make users difficult during use.

Here are the steps to fix a pink screen on the laptop:

  • Restart your laptop

  • Clean your laptop

  • Check the cable connecting the monitor to the CPU

  • Check the card and high voltage blister

  • Check the power to the monitor

  • Install and update Driver

  • High-pressure blister treatment

Let's solve this problem in detail!

Causes Of A Pink Screen On Your Laptop

The laptop screen has a pink color that is mainly caused by the hardware. Here are a few reasons why your laptop is pink:

A pink screen is annoying for users

High-pressure blister

Blister high voltage LCD Inverters are power generators to light high voltage bulbs. If this part is damaged or has a problem, it will cause a plain error to the screen's brightness, which also means blurring and pinking your laptop.

High pressure

Brightness at 1000 cd/m2 is best for your laptop screen. The laptop screen is installed with a high-pressure lamp to help the screen have a lighting effect.

If the laptop screen high-pressure lamp is flickering, the error can cause the laptop screen brightness to decrease and appear pink screen, color error, color damage, etc.

Signal cable

The screencap is responsible for transmitting the signal from the mainboard to the high voltage blister.

If the laptop's cable is loose, worn due to long time use, or broken, it will cause the laptop screen to appear pink, damaged color, and color error.

A damaged display cable or poor contact with the signal cable can also cause the screen to be blurred.

Because then the kernel signal is flickered because the received signal will be poor, causing the screen to be blurred. For loose conditions, it can also lead to color fading, but only intermittently, not often.

LCD screen

If the user carelessly drops the computer or causes the device to collide with hard and sharp objects, the LCD screen will be broken or cracked.

When you have used the laptop for a long time, the quality of the LCD screen will also decrease along with the typical errors arising from the display.

This leads to a pink laptop screen.

Due to the monitor driver

Monitor driver error also causes a pink screen

When the power is suddenly lost while the computer is running, it also causes the screen to go pink. Because some parts inside the screen may be damaged.

Outdated graphics drivers or adaptive brightness not working correctly with the operating system version after you reinstall Windows can also cause.

When your computer screen is pink or low brightness is not adequate, you have tried restarting your computer or installing all updates with no change.

Some Ways To Handle It Yourself When The Screen Is Pink

Your computer screen has these color streaks generally 99% due to the fault of the computer's hardware.

However, if the case is due to a collision when installing a specific software or during use, this also means that you will not be able to fix the color error with rescue operations but need to remove and check laptop components from there to come up with a solution.

Restart your laptop

Restarting is the simplest way

For mild cases due to overheating, which leads to problems with the contact wire, people should stop all software and applications, then turn off the power and remove the battery (in the case of a laptop with a removable battery).

Then you leave it for about 5 minutes to 10 minutes, wait for the device to cool down, and then plug the charging cord back in the state without the battery inserted.

Clean your laptop

For the PC case, everyone only has to check and clean the two wires between the screen and the case and then turn it on to see if the color splash problem has been fixed or not.

In case it is related to hardware, to fix the laptop screen error, you should bring it to a reputable repair center to fix it as quickly as possible.

Check the cable connecting the monitor to the CPU

CPU can cause a pink screen

Let’s check the cable connecting the display to the CPU for loss or damage?

If the cord is regular, try borrowing another monitor to install it and check for interference. The new screen still has noise; then, the card is most likely damaged.

Check the card and high voltage blister

Video card loose legs or peeling due to overheating is also the cause of computer screen interference.

Step 1: Clean the card and card legs

Step 2: If the error still occurs, the card is damaged. Need to replace it.

Prices will vary depending on the device you use. You should find out the cost of buying a new card before replacing it to avoid unnecessarily losing money.

The high-voltage blister is the place where the voltage is supplied so that the high-voltage bulb lights up.

A high-pressure bulb is responsible for providing light for the screen. Some symptoms of high-pressure error:

  • The screen flashes continuously, the screen flickers, and there are dark areas.

  • After booting, the screen is standard but is off for 2-3 seconds.

  • The screen lights up immediately after plugging in power. The picture is normal when the signal is plugged in. When the laptop is turned on or turned off, the screen stays on and only turns off when the power is off.

In this case, what you need to do is replace the high-pressure blister. The cost of returning the high-pressure blister is not too much, so that you can rest assured.

Check the power to the monitor

The power to the screen is not stable, or not enough load is also the cause of the computer screen interference. Check where your monitor source is getting from.

If you get it from the CPU, try replacing the power by removing it and plugging it directly into the power source. Or the screen returns to normal; you need to replace the power supply with a new one.

Install and update Driver

Uninstall and reinstall the display driver. Reinstall, update the standard driver according to the machine code or reinstall the win, or bring it to the nearest reputable center for help.

High-pressure blister treatment

You need to remove the whole laptop and touch the hardware on the mainboard, which is quite complicated.

Therefore, in this case, we recommend that you bring the laptop to a reputable repair center for support. You can watch this video to get more information.

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A pink laptop screen can have many causes. You can base on the causes and signs we have given above to have the best treatment.

However, if you don't know much about laptops or can't ask a professional to handle them, the best way is to bring them to professional processing centers to fix the best error.

We hope you get helpful information on how to fix a pink screen on your laptop.

Thank you for reading!

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