How To Troubleshoot A Burning Odor In Your Laptop?

Have you ever encountered a situation when using a laptop, but the burning odor appears? How to troubleshoot a burning odor in your laptop? Let’s find out via the article.

Is your laptop using a burning odor suddenly? Are you worried and don't know the cause. Do you wonder that how to troubleshoot a burning odor in your laptop?

The laptop has a burning odor that causes a lot of inconvenience to users. You can replace the hardware and put the laptop in a better place.

Let's clarify and solve the best!

Why Does Your Laptop Have A Burning Odor?

There are two main causes of a burning odor in your laptop. It is also difficult for you to discover why the laptop has a burning odor in some cases.

Fan system

A damaged fan system will burn odor your laptop

When your laptop is operating as usual, a burning odor appears. Your laptop's fan system is likely working less efficiently.

What's worse is that it's probably broken and significantly impacts the laptop's performance.

In this case, we recommend that you bring the laptop to a reputable repair center for a professional repairman to check and repair.

However, if you are confident in your ingenuity and ability, you can test the fan system yourself before deciding to have it repaired.

Power supply has exploded capacitor or burnt resistor

Using the laptop for a long time without ensuring the heat dissipation factor will pressure the machine's power. It makes the power supply more prone to explosion than ever, causing the laptop to smell like burning.

This problem is not an uncommon situation nowadays. This state is perilous, leading to a domino effect that damages other devices such as Main, CD, DVD.

Besides, burning the resistor is also one of the causes of the laptop's burning odor. When encountering these cases, you need to check and take appropriate remedial measures quickly.

In addition, it is possible that your CPU fan is damaged, which is also why the laptop has a burning odor. You should perform a full laptop check once to identify the problem and have an appropriate solution.

How To Troubleshoot A Burning Odor In Your Laptop

Once you know the cause, you can come up with the appropriate solutions as follows:

Replace new fan system

The fan system is damaged, not working will lead to the problem of heat dissipation of the machine is not good. This problem affects the operation of the laptop.

If that's the case, you need to replace the laptop's fan system quickly.

Let’s choose a fan with appropriate use, high equipment durability.

Replace the IC

Replacing a new IC if the IC has exploded is a simple way to overcome the laptop's burning odor. If your laptop is having this problem, you should quickly change the power supply to avoid affecting other devices in the laptop.

When you plug in the charger and find the very hot cord, there may be a burning odor; you should immediately unplug it. It shows that the internal power IC may have been burned and not accepting a charge.

An unstable power supply usually causes this error. To fix it, you need to take the device to a reputable center for inspection, and at the same time, review the power source to make sure the machine is working correctly.

Turn off your laptop when not in use

Don't put your laptop in sleep mode, hibernate continuously, or space out too short a time apart.

No matter how durable a laptop is, it still needs more "care" than a PC. Turning off the machine when not in use helps you save maximum power consumption.

At the same time, avoid putting the machine into a temporary shutdown state, causing harmful effects on the laptop.

Virus removal

Viruses can cause your laptop system to malfunction, causing overload

Regular antivirus is something that laptop experts recommend you do for 3-5 days. Doing so prevents viruses from attacking your operating system or all the data you store on your laptop.

Check the devices on the laptop periodically

Make sure that the laptop is powerful enough to handle graphics software, games, movies. Otherwise, the laptop will have to run at capacity, and heat up is inevitable.

Turn off unused programs to reduce the workload on the laptop, remove devices connected via USB if no longer needed, minimize screen brightness, turn off Bluetooth, and help the laptop cool down.

Use a heater soleplate for a laptop

Heater soleplate helps your laptop not get hot

Laptop heater soleplate, also known as laptop cooler (or laptop fan), is an essential part of reducing the temperature of a laptop in case the laptop's built-in fan is not powerful enough to do so.

Depending on different types, each heatsink has a design of 01 large fans, and 02 small fans on either side or 03 - 04 small fans included. The laptop heater soleplate is usually made of plastic or metal.

Besides, laptops often use a built-in fan system linked to the heatsinks of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU). These two elements generate the most heat in laptop systems in general and laptops in particular.

When running heavy, high-graphics tasks, they will generate high heat, causing jerks and freezes due to thermal overload.

Therefore, when using a heater soleplate, the hot air inside the machine will be circulated quickly and evenly spread out to stabilize the operating performance.

Your laptop will be safe from the risk of heat damage such as battery bottle, hard drive failure, graphics card, etc.

Stable power supply when using a laptop

The power supply is one factor that directly affects the laptop battery charging process and causes laptop heat.

If you charge the battery with an unstable power source, this may cause problems with charging, possibly causing electric shock.

Unstable currents also cause the charger to work harder to change the current, which makes them hotter.

Usually, the power source used for the home has an unstable voltage source, so you need to pay attention when using the battery charger at home.

Put the laptop in a cool place

The surrounding place also significantly influences the laptop's ability to dissipate heat and charge the battery.

You may not have noticed, but when you use the laptop in an air-conditioned room and when using it in a hot, closed room. The condition of the laptop will be completely different.

Therefore, experts often recommend using your laptop in places with cool temperature conditions to avoid heat problems, causing laptop burning.

Don't put the laptop on the floor, especially when it is not clean. The laptop will get more dust and dirt from the floor and make things worse.

You also need to pay attention to the laptop's heat dissipation slot, and do not let obstacles block in front of the slot, causing the hot air to escape to be stopped, making the laptop more desirable.

Avoid charging and using a laptop at the same time

Charging the laptop battery while using it is the main cause of many errors in the machine, not just the phenomenon of the laptop charger getting hot.

There have been many warnings that users should not or limit performing this action, but many people still do not pay attention because of work needs.

Clean your laptop regularly

If the laptop is not cleaned, it will be difficult for the heat to escape causing burning

The laptop is too dirty and also causes it to heat up and cause a burning odor. You can choose to clean the laptop yourself, especially the heatsink.

Just open the laptop's back cover, and you will see the fan, clean the dust and things stuck there, and apply thermal paste. If you are not confident, you need to take it to a laptop repair shop for them to do it for you.

If you have to work in a dusty place, shorten the cleaning period to 6 months, usually only once a year, even longer if you use it in a clean place.

You can see this guide for more useful information.

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We have shared how to troubleshoot a burning odor in your laptop in the article and some methods to fix it.

These ways can be done quite simple or complicated depending on the status of your laptop. You can do it at home or ask for the help of repair centers.

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