How To Use A Camera As A Webcam? 3 DIY Ideas

Even smartphone cameras boast about pixels and lens specs, but what about laptops? There is a reason computer manufacturers do not even talk much about the cameras that are integrated into their displays' bezels. Besides, many people have questioned: “How to use a camera as a webcam?”. In this article, we will show you practical ways to turn your camera into a webcam and it works well.

How To Use A Camera As A Webcam?

There are three practical ways to use a camera as a webcam: using software, a third-party app, and an HDMI adapter. We have listed these solutions below with some frequently asked questions about this field.
You can completely rely on the constructions in the video below to better understand how to use a camera as a webcam.

1. Use Your Camera Software

Installing A Software For Your Camera And Laptop Model Is Necessary

The first step is to see if your camera offers this function automatically through the program or drivers supplied by the company.
The handbook and any software application are the ideal places to start. Your camera company's website may also include software download links for your specific model.
You can search for your webcam and your camera model for the information you want. It's doubtful that your camera can replace a webcam over USB if instructions propose capture devices and HDMI cables.
Your computer must identify as acquisition equipment for your camera once you have installed any necessary drivers. You can use it as an input method in any of your favorite apps, such as Google Meet, Slack, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime.
Don't worry if your cameras do not support webcam mode. This function is supported by some film cameras and compact cameras, but not by most DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Other alternatives are available to you.

2. Use A Third-Party App

A third-party program is to transform your DSLR, or small camera into a laptop's webcam if the camera is compatible.
Sparkocam is a Windows-only program that works with a wide range of Canon cameras, as well as some Nikon cameras.
Sparkocam, however, has flaws. Some people claim they cannot delete the demonstration of Sparkocam off their computers.
Of course, they are using both Sparkocam and Eos but they are disappointed with how sluggish the output video is.
According to our study, there are now no substitutes for Sparkocam, and it is rather expensive. There are two versions of the app for Nikon and Canon: one supports both and one just concentrates on the other capabilities, such as filters. A single-user registration for your preferred system costs roughly $50.
It's difficult to endorse Sparkocam, but for certain folks, there may be no other option. If you're in this situation, you're using Windows, and do not have any other options, Sparkocam is the only and best chance.
However, before you gain the software, read on to learn about the HDMI option.

3. Use An HDMI Adapter

HDMI Adapter

HDMI capture is the best option for a professional setup. This method converts your camera's uncompressed, raw video input into a USB webcam stream.
The craftsmanship is unsurpassed, but you will need a couple of extra pieces of gear to get it to function.
To begin, double-check that your camera and the capture device you've chosen are compatible.
For usage with additional recorders, several cameras maintain a convenient HDMI output, which implies no overlaying or camera settings are shown on screen.
It requires capture equipment that transforms an HDMI to USB to capture video. The Elgato Cam Link 4K is the most well-known of these gadgets.

This tiny dongle costs approximately $125 and works with both operating systems. Your camera appears to be an acquisition system after it is connected, and you may turn it into a webcam within your favorite programs.

On the internet, you may get a wide variety of low-cost knockoffs. They might be unreliable and provide poor driver help, so check the comments before handing over your money.

An HDMI recording setup will give you the greatest results since you can purchase the hardware. You get the option of choosing a flattering lens because you are using a digital or mirrorless DSLR.

What You Will Need To Use A Camera As A Webcam

You will need some devices and systems to use a camera as a webcam. Depending on what you are using to produce video, a USB connection, or HDMI, the precise materials that you need to gather will change.

If you wish to turn a camera into a webcam, you will need the following items:

1. Tripod or Mount

A Tripod Appears To Hold The Camera

The ideal tripod or mount for turning your camera into a webcam will be determined by your particular configuration.

A compact tripod that is easy to place anywhere, a monopod that you can take on the go, or another attachment that will appropriately position your cameras to be used as a webcam are all options.

2. Power Source

You can operate your cameras on battery capacity, but it will soon drain because the batteries can not support recording uninterrupted video for lengthy periods.

Whether your cameras do not have a wired input power, investigate if a fake battery can be purchased to allow you to hook your cameras into electricity.

3. Capture Device

A capture device appears to link your camera to your laptop, or PC if you are connecting the camera's HDMI output.

A capture device like HDMI will be helpful for live streaming and links to the computer through USB.

4. Software

If the camera has a USB port, contact the vendor for the webcam program. You can turn your capture device into the video input for video chatting and calling apps or set the video in streaming tools like OBS.

5. Microphone

Microphones built inside the camera are just moderately better than no sound.

However, they are poorly positioned, and they frequently pick up extra sound from the lens concentrating mechanism. Therefore, getting a microphone in your workstation is a necessary thing to do.

You can set microphone-equipped headphones or earbuds. A poor microphone placed near your face may sound much better than one put above your computer.

Some computers, such as Macs, have acceptable microphones that may or may not function. Other computers have mediocre built-in microphones with low sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field.

1. Which Digital Camera Can Replace Webcam?

You can use a webcam with almost any digital camera which offers video mode and a USB connection. Some versions such as the Fujifilm X-A5, connect with applications like Skype, and Zoom. So you do not have to download anything extra.

2. Can You Turn A Webcam Into A Security Camera?

Your Webcam Can Work As A Security Camera

Maybe thieves have visited your home recently, and you are searching for a low-cost solution to prevent it from happening again.

You may also use your webcam to ensure that a member of the family is not unauthorized to access your computer.

Some workable applications you can use are:

  • Ugolog: It captures video straight to Ugolog's systems, and you may see a live feed of things your webcam is witnessing at any moment.

  • Yawcam: You may also use this app to stream live videos, make time-lapse videos, and upload photos to any server in any way you choose. This app is free.

  • UStream: UStream does not have any motion sensor features, but it is still a fully working free service.

You may make your broadcast public or passcode-required, and you can capture for as long as you like. Allow it to run for as long as you choose, and UStream will save it to their servers.

3. Can You Turn Your Phone Camera Into A Wireless Webcam?

If you use an Android phone, you can transform it into a camera using DroidCam, free software. This free version includes all you need, so the paid version is unnecessary.

It's a worthwhile investment if you intend on using it frequently, but we found the free version to be very enough.

We suggest EpocCam for converting your iPhone into a camera if you are using one. This cross-platform, with versions for any operating system, is the preferable alternative.

The advertising on EpocCam is quite obtrusive, and its free version has limited features, practically forcing you to upgrade.


We cannot deny that the quality of videos recorded from computers’ webcams is poor since the manufacturers create these gadgets with cheaper lenses and sensors compared to a camera.

However, the demand for using a webcam for professional work has increased, many people have owned cameras from popular brands, and they want to make use of them. This article appears to show practical methods for how to use a camera as a webcam.

Hope those mentioned DIY ideas are beneficial to you!

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