Lenovo vs Acer – Which Should You Choose? [2022]

Lenovo vs Acer – Which should you choose? Each of the brands has some specific benefits that may meet your demand. Let’s check the comparison below!

Lenovo and Acer are among the most famous brands for laptops. Anyone looking for a laptop may come across these companies throughout their research. Lenovo vs. Acer: which should you choose?

Both of the brands offer the equivalent prices and include Intel installation in their products. However, these two laptop lines still differ in their performance, durability, and design. The companies also provide different customer care.

This article will give you a side-by-side comparison for a more detailed analysis. We include some cases that are preferable for each option as well. Let’s dive in!

Lenovo vs. Acer: Comparison

ACER has been working to establish a unique identity in gaming laptops. The company consistently stays among the finest gaming laptop producers.

It offers a variety of business and gaming laptop models with exceptional graphics, screen, and performance.

On the other hand, Lenovo has focused on personal and business laptops. A range of easy-to-use, compact laptops are available, which might be the ideal tool for a business owner.

Lenovo laptops are also notable for their attractive design and flexibility. However, this does not eliminate the possibility of them making gaming laptops.

Now, let’s look at these famous brands in every aspect to see which one is better.


Lenovo is the best choice for those who desire to stick with one single laptop. Many users have experienced the durability of the brand.

As a result, Lenovo laptops appear to be the ideal choice for individuals requiring a business laptop to complete various tasks.

Acer is also a durable device. Compared to some other brands like Asus, Acer may last longer. However, in the battle with Lenovo, Acer seems to lose a point in terms of durability.

Don’t worry! Acer can still carry several tasks at the same time, even if you leave them with heavy duties.

Lenovo laptops are more durable


Acer's laptops have a sleeker, more modern design. Elegant textures, cool silvers, and curved corners are their preferences. None of these selections are particularly unique, yet they are both functional and trendy.

Lenovo favors a more traditional design. Their models utilize sharper edges and are frequently black rather than silver in hue. They have a more classic laptop look to them.

Neither company applies many vivid colors or distinctive design selections that some other brands have attempted to include in their items.

Both brands offer only basic color selections (


In terms of the Lenovo product, it is a better-than-average laptop brand. When considering performance, you'll get the best CPUs available, especially for workstations and Chromebooks.

In comparison to Lenovo, Acer's earlier versions were not as efficient or fast. Nevertheless, they are gradually catching up to the games. Acer Nitro and Acer Predator Helios are the most outstanding examples.

Regarding performance, Acer laptops are on par with Lenovo devices. When it comes to gaming laptops, you should go for Acer since they provide the greatest speed and experience.

Acer products are suitable for gamers

Battery life

Battery life indicates how long you can work with your laptop without charging. Typically, a Lenovo laptop can operate independently for seven or eight hours. The Yoga series from the brand has a battery life of up to 15 hours.

That figure in Acer laptops is around six hours. However, some models can last for four hours.

If battery timing is what you've expected so far, go for the Lenovo instead.


About basic laptops, Acer items are often somewhat less expensive than Lenovo ones. The gap is minor, though. On the other hand, Lenovo laptops have slightly more excellent performance and consistency than their Acer competitors.

Both brands provide a diverse selection of products at mid-range pricing. As a result, the decision boils down to whether you want a great bargain for the raw pricing or a fantastic deal for functionality.

In any event, neither firm is significantly cheaper than the other. Both are close enough for your budget.


Both brands employ a huge overlapping system of brands for common components.

Intel is a superb business that manufactures high-quality computer components all around the world. Both Lenovo and Acer include Intel for chip-making and graphic card suppliers.

Both laptops have Intel installation (

Both Lenovo and Acer offer limited AMD choices. For its most important parts, neither firm has a unique or exclusive trademark.

Lenovo seems to outperform Acer in terms of the overall quality and lifespan when talking about other components like the keyboard, casing, and screen. The disparity in warranties is arguably the best example of this.

Although both companies employ the same chip-making techniques for their core internal components, Lenovo still stands out. It provides more excellent materials than Acer products in general.


Both Lenovo and Acer are huge worldwide corporations that distribute a diverse variety of products to customers worldwide. As a result, each of these businesses has massive collections and subsidiaries that vastly expand their selections.

However, Acer has a little advantage over its competitor when it comes to existing laptops for some specific marketplaces.

Acer offers a more diversified variety of laptops regularly. In comparison to Lenovo, Acer has expanded into a wide variety of products.

Lenovo and Acer are all available with convertible systems, two-in-ones, gaming laptops, Chromebooks, and office laptops. Nevertheless, Acer does have few more alternatives than Lenovo in each of those areas.

In terms of product range, both firms are fairly comparable. Acer, on the other hand, provides a few more.

Customer care

Both Lenovo and Acer offer good, if not exceptional, customer support. If you have a problem with your device, you may usually reach them by call or over the internet. Lenovo had a little bit better than Acer in terms of total user experience, but both received equivalent ratings.

For their items, both firms provide a standard warranty. Yet, Lenovo's warranty coverage is greater than Acer's.

Acer offers a one-year warranty for physical hardware and a 90-day policy for the software.

On the other hand, Lenovo provides a warranty of four years for your purchases. Besides, Lenovo's guarantee covers typical wear and tear protection which lasts for four years.

Lenovo also provides warranty for any wear and tear

So, we have just compared Lenovo and Acer laptops in many different aspects. Now, let’s sum up. The comparison table below can provide a visual explanation for the differences between these laptop brands.

Lenovo vs. Acer: Comparison Table
Features Lenovo Acer
Durability Durable at a high rate Durable at an average rate
Design Classic look Modern look
Performance Well-performed; workstations and Chromebooks recommended Quality improved; most used for gamers
Battery life Seven to eight hours Four hours
Price Although Lenovo is a little bit more pricey, the difference is minor Although Lenovo is a little bit more pricey, the difference is minor
Components Intel equipped with the high-quality casing, keyboard, and screen Intel equipped
Varieties Diverse Diverse; offering a few more series than Lenovo
Customer care Four-year warranty One-year and 90-day warranties

Which Brand Should You Choose?

Lenovo and Asus have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you need more ideas, this video can support you.

Source Youtube Ben G Kaiser

Since the laptops are good at certain points, your preference appears to be the ultimate factor for your decision. Here are some situations in which each of the brands will work best.

Why choose Lenovo?

Lenovo has built its reputation for a powerful and long-lasting laptop. Choosing this brand’s product is a safe choice. The common reasons to go for it are as follows:

  • Lenovo is a viable option if you have the financial resources to afford high-end laptops.

  • Lenovo can serve customers as a business, personal, professional, and workstation laptop.

  • If you want to use a device for a long time, a durable Lenovo laptop is a perfect match.

  • Lenovo's Chromebook series is worth trying. You can surely have a greater experience than you expected.

Why choose Acer?

Acer is still improving to adapt to user’s requirements. You can choose Acer over the Lenovo in some cases:

  • Acer is an amazing option for gamers.

  • The Acer series offers users many budget-friendly choices.

  • There are lots of selections available in the line.

  • When compared to Lenovo, Acer can be lower in performance. However, it’s still a good pick for both budget and quality in general.


We have just shared with you a comparison between Lenovo vs. Acer. Which should you choose?

Acer laptops are an excellent idea for those seeking a low-cost laptop. In addition, the gamers must have fantastic competitions with the assistance of Acer.

Businessmen, journalists, and research groups, on the other hand, should get Lenovo laptops. They offer sleek designs that are portable and simple to use. Although the costs are a little higher, Lenovo is well worth it.

Hopefully, you can find the best laptop for your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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