SSD Vs EMMC Vs HDD – Which Should You Choose?

SSD Vs EMMC Vs HDD – Which Should You Choose? We created a detailed comparison between these three types on many different aspects for you to choose easily.

How often do you spend a lot of time looking at the specs sheet when buying a computer? The hard drive numbers must have taken many hours of your time.

This device has an SSD hard drive, and the other is an HDD or EMMC. What's the difference between SSD Vs EMMC Vs HDD? Which should you choose?

If you are willing to spend and need a high-configuration machine, prioritize products with SSD memory.

This hard drive has a large capacity, significantly increases machine performance, and is very durable. Therefore, it is suitable for you to invest in the long term.

In addition, the information below will show you that SSD is a reliable choice. Let's find out together!

What is SSD?

What is SSD?

SSD or Solid State Drive is the most common solid-state drive used in computers today. Starting to appear on the computer market in 1950, they are a new and better solution for hard disk drives.

SSD can be considered as a larger and more complex version of USB. Like a memory card, it has no moving parts, and the information stored will be on the chip.

At first, SSDs were not so well known in the market. Then, with more modern technology, SSDs have the same capacity as HDDs. Since then, this drive quickly gained a foothold and became as popular as it is now.

These SSDs are fast, small, and highly reliable. Read and write speeds are fast, making them the top choice of laptops. Decades ago, any Macbook that came out used this drive.

If you want to dig deeper into this type of hard drive, check out some in-depth expert explanations in the video below.

 Source Youtube :  Logical Increments

What is EMMC?

What is EMMC

EMMC’s full name is Embedded MultiMediaCard is an electronic multimedia card. Thanks to the use of integrated circuits, they are quite resistant to shocks or drops.

This drive has an additional flash controller in addition to the flash memory. They are connected to a silicone mold.

This frame is then soldered directly to the motherboard like a computer CPU. You'll usually find this card on low-spec laptops.

What is HHD?

What is HHD

HDD or Hard Disk Drivers first appeared in 1956 introduced by IBM. When they first came out, they quickly became the most popular storage space used by computers.

Currently, they have lost their peak position and are classified as obsolete to make room for SSDs. While they are no longer the best storage, they are still very useful. Computer manufacturers use them to store external memory.

Besides, old or low-quality machines also use HDD storage cards.

SSD Vs EMMC Vs HDD – Which Should You Choose?

Same as a storage drive, but SSD vs. EMMC vs. HDD are not similar to each other.

In addition to the ability to store data, they carry many different characteristics. Buyers will often rely on these points to choose a suitable product.

To have a detailed view and easily give your opinion, please follow the analysis content below.


The main capability of the drive is to store data. Therefore, storage capacity is the top feature that many people look for.

The purpose of production is to replace HDD, so SSD has the same capacity as HDD. The smallest size you can find is 128GB, and the largest is 10TB. So in terms of power, these two drives take the lead.

For those who work a lot with large data files, a drive with large space is advantageous. That's why when buying a machine, people are often interested in HDD or SSD cards.

Contrary to the above two memory cards, EMMC offers low storage capacity for tablets or low-end laptops. Machines with memory sizes from 64 to 128GB are mostly using this memory.

If you require a machine with a large storage capacity for work, you can choose products with a built-in SSD or HDD instead of the remaining memory.


Strong SSD performance


If you explore an SSD, you will be surprised because it looks quite similar to an SD card. It can perform a lot of different reads and write operations.

Unlike SSD, eMMC has only one chip. That means all reads and writes are through only one chip. At first glance, they seem minimalist, but in the long run, the viability is low.

However, these two cards both have NAND gates. As the name suggests, it is a real gate. With eMMC, this gate is like a village road with a toll station. Meanwhile, the SSD's port is highway 16 with a wide receiver.

Therefore, the transfer rates of the two cards are similar, but at the same time, the SSD will transfer a larger amount.

HDD is similar in appearance to SSD, but it does not have a NAND port. Therefore, it will be different from the other two cards in terms of nature or operation structure. Hard drives with a predominantly SATA interface provide large storage capacity at a lower cost.

Its transfer speed is much slower than the above two hard drives.


Same capacity, but SSD consumes less fuel than HDD. So they have a longer shelf life. Besides, machines with SSD cards will also have better durability than some machines using the remaining drives.

EMMC has a few similarities with SSDs. Therefore, it is expected to be a rival to SSDs. However, this small card still can not have a good life, but it is still better than HDD.


An SSD drive has a typical size of 2.5 inches which corresponds to the size of the HDD. However, the outdated HDD drive has another larger version with a size of 3.5 inches. These storage cards have a plastic or metal cover on the outside, so they look quite like a battery.

EMMC is shaped like a chip. So it will be smaller than the above two cards.


Based on the quality, you will easily know which drive has the highest cost.

With a fast-moving speed, large capacity, and durability over time, it is imperative that you spend a larger amount of money on it. Therefore, machines that use this card often cost more.

With EMMC, you will spend a little less money. That means you will also get lower capacity and less efficient machines. However, if you buy tablets with this drive, the quality is very good.

Of these three choices, HDD has the lowest price. These cards offer a great amount of storage at the best price. Aside from its exceptional data storage size, it's not too optimal to give you an over-performance computer.

Low price HHD

Besides, it does not make the machine powerful enough to serve the needs related to design, gaming or programming.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In general, the above drives all have their own strengths and weaknesses. You just need to grasp these characteristics and use them in the right places, and all the cards are useful for themselves.



  • Large capacity

  • Fast movement speed

  • Durable


  • Fast transmission speed

  • Reasonable price

  • Suitable for low performance machines


  • Large storage size

  • Cheap

  • Suitable for an external memory card



  • Expensive


  • Low storage capacity


  • Old fashioned


Capacity 128GB - 10TB 64 - 128GB 128 GB - 10TB
Performance Fast Fast Quiet slo
Reliability Good Worse than SSD Not too durable
Size 2.5 inch Less than 2 remaining cards 2.5 - 3.5 inch
Price Highest Affordable Cheapest
Advantages Good in every aspect Fast transfer speed Large capacity
Disadvantages High price Low capacity Obsolete

Which One Should You Choose?

As mentioned before, any product will have its strengths. So, if you take advantage of those advantages for the right purpose, any drive is worth using.

For example, if you need high-configuration machines to support many tasks, you should learn more about computers that use SSD cards. 

These laptops have very good performance. However, using a quality product means you have to spend more money on it.

In case you are an office worker and do not have too many needs for computers, machines with normal parameters are a perfect suggestion. At this point, you can choose between models that use HDD or EMMC hard drives.

However, you should buy one with more HDD cards because they have a larger capacity size and lower price. EMMC is still suitable for higher-quality phones or tablets.

These options help you save more money, but it's still better to use an SDD card if you can afford it.


SSD vs EMMC vs HDD are both worth using if it suits your usage needs. If you have financial conditions, you should still choose the best one.

Especially with computers, you can think more about SSDs because they will be more suitable long-term for the future. Do you think so?

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Thank you for reading!

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